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Shrink Wrap and Subdivision Surface

19.04.2021 16:13
Janno9904Mo. 19 Apr. 2021, 16:13 Uhr
Hello Guys,

currently i model a wheel and need to schrink wrap some parts of the spokes to the outer part.

I used a lot of modifiers like Symmetry than an radial array a subdivision surface and cloth to give some thickness.

When i use the shrinkwrap on the normal geometry everything works fine but when i target the subdivision version which is needed to get the right curvature the whole shrinkwraps failes like in the photo.

The Project is also attached.
MahlstromMo. 19 Apr. 2021, 17:59 Uhr
Hi there,

the sds is a generator. swrap need an polygon object to work. in this case, you can use the corrective deformer, place it under the sds object and drag the disc mesh over the corrective deformer. than drag the corrective deformer in the swrap target line.



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