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3D Forum > 3S Cloud Render Farm - Your ideal cloud render farm is here

3S Cloud Render Farm - Your ideal cloud render farm is here

10.12.2020 09:39
3scloud_renderfarmDo. 10 Dez. 2020, 09:39 Uhr
Hi guys,

This is 3S Cloud Render Farm team. We are a collective of experienced and enthusiastic people, continually endeavoring to understand the pain of 3D artists in the rendering. We consider customers' satisfaction to be the most important goal of all our business’s aspects. The product development focuses entirely on their render demands, difficulties and pain points during their CG render task that we observe and experience ourselves. All 3D designers, VFX artists, animators, CGI artists and filmmakers out there are the main reason that makes our platform more complete.

3S Cloud is a cloud-based render farm that has an aspiration to go global. We understand 3D artists are getting tired of the rendering process and they should merely concentrate on their artworks. Thus, we offer rendering solutions for diverse CG projects of any industries: TV commercials, Music Videos, Animated Movies, Interior Designs and more.

We are supporting Houdini, Maya, Blender and much more software are about to implement.

We believe our ideal platform will render your projects with all your expectations:

- Speed: Thousands of powerful CPUs & GPUs available making sure you never be in a queue. Upload & download speed is super fast and stable, handle even projects up to Terabytes.

- Price: Very affordable. Our free preview render feature will show output altogether with render time and cost most accurately to reality. Besides, we provide different kinds of machines to fit your demand so you can completely optimize costs and minimize risks.

- Security: High security with AWS and Paypal infrastructure.

- Technical support: Always available with no extra.

More information on our website: https://3sfarm.com/

Hope to have a chance to accompany all you guys!



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