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Reducer Plugin

24.07.2020 17:23
pyrFr. 24 Jul. 2020, 17:23 Uhr
Reducer is a parametric polygon reducer for Cinema4d R20 and above with functionality similar to the PolyReduce node in Houdini.
The plugin reduces geometry based on a field and given settings.

It triangulates polygons automatically, if necessary, taking care that the polygons do not get too many connections,
and then smoothes the result. The mesh created by the plugin also comes with a vertex map and a polygon selection with which you can control materials and shaders.

More Reducer stuff: instagram.com/pstwndnd/
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TilationSa. 25 Jul. 2020, 19:09 Uhr
Habs mal in die News geschoben.

TilesSo. 26 Jul. 2020, 16:17 Uhr
Und ich hatte es eigentlich in die Off Topic gepackt XD

Aber passt schon smile


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