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3D Forum > Multiple Uv's for one Objekts

Multiple Uv's for one Objekts

06.07.2020 07:22
Jaykops87Mo. 06 Jul. 2020, 07:22 Uhr
HI there,

I would like to know if it is possible to make multiple Uv maps for one objekt.
I tryed it with multiple uv-layers but all i can get multiple uv layers for one texture. And one objekt.
I need basically 3 parts of my objekt 3 uv maps and 3 textures.
If i use one texture the different texurelayer are to low res.
I need this for a really high res texture to import it in substance painter.
Or is it maybe possible to separate my mesh-object?
The objekt is a fully rigged body with shapekeys.

Maybe you have a nother idea how i can get really high res in substancepainter.

I hope you guys understand what i need🤓

Thank you in advance;-)
TilesMo. 06 Jul. 2020, 08:17 Uhr
Hi Jaycops,

Does this tutorial help you?

Kind regards


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