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Rocket 3F 1.6

30.07.2018 18:08
TilesMo. 30 Jul. 2018, 18:08 Uhr
Vom Low Budget Polygonmodeler Rocket 3F gibt es eine neue Version. Was genau in 1.6 neu ist ist allerdings nicht rauszufinden.

ArgandosMo. 30 Jul. 2018, 22:37 Uhr
Hey, da ist was im Forum


- New tool Pull was introduced! It is some kind of Push and Pull in Sketch Up but works with polygons!
- Preview was renamed to Quick Render for better understanding!

- New buttons above Quick Render buttons appeared, AO - Ambient Occlusion and View. Yes! Now we have Ambient Occlusion in Quick Render!!! View button will enable/disable Quick Render in inactive views.

- New button was introduced next to Hard E. button on the top. Autosmooth is used to create Hard Edges automatically.

- Auto-save is here!!! You can find button near the Load/save buttons

- We changed our conception with views, now you have all options in UI. 7 possible views and Maximize/Minimize button. Now you can use 2, 3, 4 views viewport!!!

- Ortho button and tool was modified, now if you activate this button all views will become Ortho!

- We added ability to add Image in 3D view! It will allows you to position your model in 3D before render! OPtion in render window also was added, now you can activate this Background Image for render!

- Now you can bring Image in front or behind your model, check button near Image button.

- Export Options now will be shown everytime you perform Import/Export.

- Unchumfer tool was added, so now you can unchamfer your Chamfers! Check button Chamfer for more info!

- The same hotkey can be assigned to different command tools.

- Weld all vertexes at the same position tool was added! Check button Weld for more info!

- MatCap window context menu > Set As Default MatCap. If default matcap is set, it will be automatically assigned to new created objects.

- The same hotkey can be assigned to multiple streamline-tools or radial-menus or command-tools. When the hotkey is tapped, the program will activate those tools or menus in turns. This makes it possible for one hotkey to control multiple tools or radial-menus. For example. Normally you have W-Move/E-Rotate/R-Scale. Now you set them all to one hotkey, W-Move/W-Rotate/W-Scale. After this, you can activate your Move/Rotate/Scale tool by tapping W key one or few times until the exact wanted tool is activated. It can be useful when hotkeys become scarce.

- Some bug fixings.
Und seit der V1.5 gibt's nen Renderer glaub ich.
TilesDi. 31 Jul. 2018, 08:23 Uhr
Ah, da steckts ja. Danke für den Nachtrag smile

Ein Video gibts auch:



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