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3D Forum > Ship Happens - WebTV Si-Fi Comedy Series [English Production]

Ship Happens - WebTV Si-Fi Comedy Series [English Production]

17.12.2010 15:43
PSMarshallFr. 17 Dez. 2010, 15:43 Uhr
Das im Folgenden vorgestellte Projekt wird in Englisch produziert. Alle offiziellen Seiten, Script, Dialoge, Produktion etc. ist in englischer Sprache, somit auch der folgende Text (ich hoffe damit gegen keine Regel zu verstoßen, wenn ich das vorab erkläre).

Be part of the next great Web-TV-Series! Enthusiasm and some cool CG Skills is all you need right now, the rest will follow!
No money, but lots of fame!

We are about to start pre-production for a Web-TV Si-Fi Comedy Mystery Series (current projection includes four seasons with approx 18 episodes each) and we are recruiting.

This is currently a private, non-commercial production (subject to change) with no - low budget.

What do we need?
Basically everything. If you always wanted to work on a TV Show or a movie set, if you have ever dreamed of filming, acting or making food for a film crew, we might need you. If you think you have good plot ideas, can carry stuff around without falling, or have loads of money, we might need you. If you can write funny and witty dialogs, sing, dance, or hold a mic, we might need you. If you know how to run a car, camera, soundboard, or company, or own any of it, we might need you

So basically everybody who wants to work on a film-set is welcome to contact us.

But the reason why we are posting here is, because we also need some CG Artists. From production art, logos and still images, to 3D landscapes with epic battle scenes, if you can make it happen and want a great opportunity and tons of fun, get in touch!

Our current spaceship is basically a big green box, aliens are stand-ins, visual references and alien landscapes just a few sketches on a storyboard. Here is your chance to create!

What the series is about?
Imagine a group of cliché-everyday-people are catapulted to the other side of the milky-way in a spaceship and try to get back home... Sort of a funny version of Voyager without the uniforms... and with much less budget.
The owner of the spacecraft meanwhile hangs around on earth and tries to blend in.

It is full of cross- and sub-cultural references, spoofs, homages and jokes you haven't heard in a while.
Like: "Star Trek" meets "The Young Ones", "Battlestar Galactica" and "Married with Children" and they all get into a jacuzzi and...

Where, Why and When?
Shooting (with the real people) will take place in Vienna and except if someone throws a lot of money at it, this won't change in the near future. Most of the crew has to be from this region.
But some do not. Especially if all your work can be transmitted digitally and you are willing to communicate via video chat.

At the moment, this is no-to-low-budget, but there are some things in motion to get money too... But it shouldn't be main motivation to partake.
The TV-Show will be shot in English (with all the funny possible accents of the actors) as is the whole production. Fluency in that language is crucial.

Please understand that we are not a team of professional movie-makers (although there are some among us) and we can not pay you (at least not until we make some money from the series itself), but we have all the intentions to make this the next big thing of modern media and you can be a part of that.
At least, it will look fabulous in your resume/portfolio/demo-reel.

If you are interested, write an email to: ship[dot]happens[at]gmx[dot]at

Please tell us, what you would like to do, what skills/assets you have, or why you may be useful for the project. Don't forget to link/attach some examples of your previous work.


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