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3D Forum > Numerate Edges for UV-Unwrapping

Numerate Edges for UV-Unwrapping

26.08.2017 18:11
LukasSa. 26 Aug. 2017, 18:11 Uhr
Hi together
I want to sew a jacket in lowpoly-style. I created already a 3D-Model and unwrapped it to 2D (There are no connecting faces in this unwrapped layout, only about 150 single faces). The point now is as follows: I want to print out the single polygons from the 2D-Layout, bring them on to a fabric, and sew the single fabric pieces together. For this I have to know which polygons I have to sew together.
The best thing would probably be to numerate every edge in the 3D-Model, take this numeration to the unwrapped 2D-layout and then be able to numerate my fabric pieces accordingly.
My question now is: How, if possible, can I numerate all edges from my 3D-Model, bring this numeration to the 2D-Layout?

Help will be highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance, Lukas
animelixSa. 26 Aug. 2017, 18:33 Uhr
depends on your software
in Blender you could search for the 'Paper model addon'



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