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3D Forum > EISKO - Der erste Blendshape\'s Dienst der Welt nach der Frage

EISKO - Der erste Blendshape's Dienst der Welt nach der Frage

23.06.2016 15:52
EiskoServicesDo. 23 Jun. 2016, 15:52 Uhr
Hallo allerseits!
Sorry to post in English, just wanted to introduce our latest service to your community.

We are EISKO, a studio specialising in 3D scanning and reconstruction, and we are stoked to be announcing the release of Blendshapes on Demand®. It is an online service that gives a complete set of blendshapes to any head model you upload, perfectly fitting your character morphology. Whether you are an independent artist or a studio, you can now save a great deal of time and energy producing quality facial animation so much that creating awesome content for movies, videogames or VR never got so easy.


It’s all happening on www.eiskoservices.com, select the Blendshapes package in the service section (more to come soon) and upload the character head model(s) that you wish to give the blendshapes to. You’ll simply receive a confirmation email when it’s done, less than half an hour after, with a link towards your fbx file.

What’s in the package?

Our first available set of blendshapes includes more than 120 blends and covers all facial action units linked to muscular deformations, visemes and emotions. You can see them in details here. It works with any topology and character style (cartoon, photorealistic, or anything in between). If you already have a set of blendshapes that you want to transfer to other characters, no problem at all, our platform also works with custom deformations (just select the custom blendshapes option from the shop page).

The site is still in beta and will feature many other online tools to help 3D artists but all we can tell you at this stage is that some of them will tackle rigging or UVs! Feel free to check out the FAQ section and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to receive all the news on these game-changer tools.

Danke und guten Tag alle!

vidiDo. 23 Jun. 2016, 16:51 Uhr
So ganz habe ich das noch nicht wirklich verstanden
Handelt es sich dabei nur um reine Facial Expressions fertig aus der Tube, oder kann man auch bei Euch ein ganzen Character morphen lassen ?
ZB: . Ich habe ein Base Character Mesh das die Form von einem anderen Referenz Modell erhalten soll.
Wichtig ist halt das die vertex oder nicht verändert wird vom Base
TilesDo. 23 Jun. 2016, 18:06 Uhr
Ich habe es mal ins normale Forum verschoben weil es Werbung ist.
EiskoServicesFr. 01 Jul. 2016, 17:02 Uhr
Sorry for posting in the wrong thread and thanks for the topic shift smile

@ Vidi
Sorry, we probably made it more complicated than it is:

Yes, your base character mesh will get 120 facial expressions that come from our library here at Eisko (we are a scanning company first). But it will not alter your morphology nor your topology. You will receive your base model in the exact same condition with a blendshape node on top.



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