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Fantasy Game Weapon Challenge

09.05.2016 13:29
CGTraderMo. 09 Mai. 2016, 13:29 Uhr
Hi there,

So there is this event at CGTrader that's called "Fantasy Game Weapon Challenge" and I thought it may be interesting for many of you in here. It's main requirement is to make two kinds of weapons: melee and/or ranged. The best thing about it is that there are no limits as to what kind of weapon it has to be, so you can make an ancient type weapons, mage staffs, futuristic bows or, as they say themselves, a gun that shoots porcelain gnomes (no real world weapons though). Also, there are plenty of prizes, so if you are interested in it then go check it out:


GuyGoodMo. 09 Mai. 2016, 13:49 Uhr
Link needs to be fixed by admin smile Thanks for the info, CGTrader
TilesMo. 09 Mai. 2016, 15:04 Uhr


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