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3D Forum > 3D Animator (m/f) immediately - Location: Berlin (English)

3D Animator (m/f) immediately - Location: Berlin (English)

25.07.2012 08:56
MovieBratsMi. 25 Jul. 2012, 08:56 Uhr
Name: Friedrich
Vorname: Esther
Firma / Arbeitgeber: MovieBrats Films & Animation
Art der Beschäftigung: Freelance
Arbeitsort: Berlin
Email: jobs@moviebrats.com
Homepage: http://www.moviebrats.com

We are on the hunt for a FREELANCE ANIMATOR in 3Ds Max to support our team in creating, arranging and cleaning of character animations for the short film "The Little Red Paper Ship". The job starts immediately for a duration of approximately 2 months (till mid-September).

"The Little Red Paper Ship" is the story of the titular paper ship on its trip across the seas of the world, its adventures and encounters. The film combines 2D-animation and -backgrounds with 3D computer animation. 3D characters include the red paper ship, some fishes and other sea creatures. "The Little Red Paper Ship" is a German-Polish co-production, directed by newcomer Aleksandra Zareba. Working language is English.

Please note: This is an artistic low-budget project and we are only able to offer a lower-than-regular pay of 1.500 EUROs per month (plus VAT). The job opening specifically aims at talented newcomers, career changers or animation students looking for a summer job.


    - Very good skills in 3Ds Max
    - Knowledgeable in the gateway and interaction between 3Ds Max and Fusion preferred
    - Experienced in the field of artistic animated films, game animation and/or stop-motion
    - Experienced in classic keyframe animation
    - Experienced in character setup, riggs, loop and animation cycles
    - Ability to adopt and realize style requirements
    - Ability to evaluate and adopt the animation style of existing shots and scenes
    - High visual imagination
    - Very good intuition for movement, timing, proportion and detail
    - Ability and willingness to meet deadlines
    - Strong knowledge of Englisch in written or spoken
    - Sociable and able to communicate
    - Ability to work on one's own responsibility and independently
    - Living in Berlin and being able to work at our studio (Kreuzberg) with your own hard- and software.

Please send your application including work samples and/or a link to your showreel VIA EMAIL ONLY at mailto:jobs@moviebrats.com


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