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My new work smile What do you think?

Ps: i know, that texture not enough sharp for such zoom, but my computer did not allow me to make bigger. Imagine, that it is very sharp ;D
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21.08.2014 19:24

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Regina_3DArtist schrieb am 21.08.2014 - 23:07
Hi, DukeaufDune! I got your advice and will add something for sure

Hi, Irmisato! You are absolutely right (about washed-out). You know, it is funny, but I started my 3D way exactly with Terragen and other landscape generators! They are cool, of course, but for me not enough...I will explane: you can make there almost any type of landscape, light, etc, but you cannot do there EXACTLY what you need...So when you need something (ANY terrain), this programs are just great- fast and good quality result. But i do not like limits and as I know (may be I am wrong), professionals usually create there landscapes in usual 3D programs (3DS Max, Maya, etc.) when they have exact task. May be they are using some plugins, but just partly. So, here- my work far from perfect and texture should be more detailed and bigger- but i sculpt and textured it myself- i mean exactly what i wanted- and i can change it also, if i will need too. So i anyway will continue moving this way- creating unique model and textures without using programs-generators- and i will see, what i will achive smile So, first thing what i will do- i will make sharp and big texture for this model smile

Long time didnt write so long text)) This is just very important topic for me and i will be happy to hear some cooments- may be i have mistaken in my thoughts? My mind is open for new ideas smile Also I will be grateful, if somebody will give some links for nice tuts of creating (modelling and texturing) landscapes.

Irmisato schrieb am 21.08.2014 - 21:35
The picture would be great, if the texture wouldnt look so washed-out.

I would recoment to use a landscape-programm like Terragen for Landscapes. Terragen does not use textures, it generating all surfaces by algorithm.
Just have a look at those pictures: http://planetside.co.uk/galleries/terragen-gallery

You can download a very old, but very good-working version (0.9.19) here, on the terradreams-site
you can also find a lot of plugins for water, terrains, clouds etc. and some documentations. It is worth trying it out.
DukeaufDune schrieb am 21.08.2014 - 19:58
einfach wau smile könnten irgend wie noch kleine Wolken rein oder so
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