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Interior visualization lessons

11.05.2017 16:29
faustDo. 11 Mai. 2017, 16:29 Uhr
Private lessons, 3d max + Vray or Corona, special course of interior visualization.
This course will tell you how to create photo-realistic renders fast and easy, based on my own 7 years experience in CG and interior design.

Basic part (for beginners):

- Basic interface features and main modifiers which can be used for interior visualization
- Scene preparing and composition
- Basic scene assembling and modeling
- Light and camera setting
- Render settings

Advanced part (advanced users) :

- 4 different room types, creating from scratch (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom)
- Advanced camera, light and render adjustment
- Composing and retouching multilayered render (Photoshop)
- Professional hints and tricks in interior visualization and design

Individual plan, one-on-one lessons via Skype based on flexible schedule, 1 lesson - 1.5 hours

Basic part (for beginners): 4.5 - 6 hours
Advanced part (advanced users) :9 - 12 hours

Organisations are welcomed.
faustDo. 11 Mai. 2017, 16:30 Uhr
faustDo. 11 Mai. 2017, 16:30 Uhr
faustFr. 05 Jan. 2018, 16:16 Uhr
Special Corona Renderer course, interior and exterior visualization, mainly for instructors and advanced users.
Duration: 12 - 16 hours, individual schedule, online or offline
Discount for groups (3+)
- One Corona Renderer license for the duration of their certification, free of charge – which means one free full FairSaaS license for 2 years.
- Corona Renderer licenses for their students to use during their courses, free of charge.
- 10% discounts on a yearly license for their Certified Users.
- Access to the latest electronic versions of the Corona Academy educational materials, to keep up to date with revisions and changes, so that the materials stay in line as Corona Renderer develops.

CG schools, Studios, Arch Bureau are welcomed!


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